A Doctor possessed by a Wendigo

1920, Fort Kent,  A couple which is consist of a young doctor and his wife decided to move to Fort Kent during the war on England.  He started practicing his profession, doing an in home service to help the people of Fort Kent.  The essentials of war such as the weapon base and the Cold Lake Air Force are just a few minutes away from their location so his profession became handy.

It has been a successful run for his practice until a swarm of rats infested the place.  The rats allegedly carried different illness such as small pox which plagued the place and infected half of the population of the town. Even though the doctor is aware that he could do nothing for those who are infected, he still tried to cure them.

Eventually, his wife acquired the sickness and died.  When his wife died he allegedly locked up inside his home and refused to accept any patient.  He also built a shrine in honor of his late wife.  The Indians of the area are already aware about the presence of Wendigo in the area and tend to possess those who have a weak soul.  When a person is said to be possess by a Wendigo, he instantly crave for human flesh.

The doctor became insane after his wife died.  The townsfolk who are not aware of his wife’s death continued to visit the doctor.  When he started accepting patients again, the doctor would kill them and eat them.  Soon, the villagers noticed that there were a lot of people missing; by this time, they already have a suspect on their mind.

On 1921, the doctor apparently went on a rampage and ate everyone but 11 people.  In 1921, there were at least 150 people recorded living in the area and no one was able to see him. According to the story, the doctor was possessed by a Wendigo and ran off through the woods.  Up to this day some people said that they can still hear the laugh of the doctor at night.


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