A Pony Named Lady

In September 8, 1967 the body of Lady, an Appaloosa pony was found dead In San Luis Valley, Colorado.  All the meat from her shoulder down to the tip of her muzzle was all missing.  The bones located on its skull and neck resembles the bones that have been sitting under the sun for years; they were all white and dried up.   The skull cavity also turns out to be dry and empty.  There is a strong scent that permeates the air and the ground contains a scorch mark that is all around the corpse of the pony.

Although the pony seems to be mutilated and ended up in a gruesome situation, there were no drop of blood that can be found in the scene.  More shockingly is the marks of the hooves all around the body that does not belong to the dead pony.  One of the hooves was said to be at around 18 inches wide.  The case of Lay, is just one of those countless of cattle mutilation that seems to be unstoppable and going around for 30 years in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

On an examination conducted to the body of the dead pony, the doctors found two punctured wounds on the animal’s pelvic bone. Others claimed that a vampire creature is the culprit of the incident.


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