Cannibal Rap Artist

Antron Singleton also known as Big Lurch is a rap artist serving his life imprisonment for murdering a female acquaintance and eating parts of her body.  The incident happened in April of 2002 while the rap artist is under the influence of PCP.
Big Lurch had the privilege to work with different music artist.  On April of 2002, he went to the apartment of Tynisha Ysais to murder her. Tynisha’s boyfriend testified that he and the perpetrator spent the night smoking PCP which is also known in its name “Angel Dust”.

She was found dead inside her own apartment by a friend named Alisa Allen.  Her chest was ripped open and a blade was found broke on her shoulder blade.  There were teeth marks found on the victim’s face and on her lungs which are torn from the opening on her chest.

Witnesses who saw the police arrest Singleton testified that they saw him staring at the sky naked and covered with blood.  Upon deeper examination, they found a human flesh inside his stomach that does not belong to him.

Singelton gave a not guilty plea due to the reason of insanity during the incident.  But the jury decided that his intoxication of PCP were not a reason for him to commit the crime.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and aggravated assault on the 7th of November 2003.


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