Joel Martin-New-Age Vampire Hunter

Watch out vampire, a modern Van Helsing is out to get you.  Joel Martin, a self-professed vampire hunter in New York believes that there are hundreds of bloodsuckers walking among us concealing themselves as a human.  They are said to be often hanging out at the watering holes in downtown.

The vampire hunter from Long Island said that the real vampire is different from the idea of vampires in Twilight.  But he is a hundred percent sure that bloodsuckers exists.  He said that the downtown vampires can be usually found in bars found in Soho, Greenwich and TriBeca particularly those Gothic –themed bar.

Martin first is a doubter about the existence of the blood sucking creature.  But he started to become a believer after conducting an interview with Stephen Kaplan, the author of “Vampire Are” on Martin’s radio show on the year 1974.  Since then he started to research the topic about these vampires with Kaplan.

The Kaplan’s Vampire Research Center is located in Martin’s home located at the end of the street in Babylon.  Martin who also worked as an ex-school teacher hosts the internet show “The Spiritual Truth”.  Martin also claimed that he has a regular contact with four real vampires located in Manhattan and one in the Queens and one in Bronx.


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