Tom Burns

Tom Burns, a retired driver and 71 years old at the time the incident happened was playing his piano on a bright day when two girls decided to enter his house.  Lavinia Murray and Sheila Burns who were both five years old seem to be enchanted by the sound of the piano.

Then in the blink of an eye and for no apparent reason at all, Burns decided to murder the two poor kids.  He slit the throat of one of the five year old girls, and then binds the other kid before strangling her to death.
The bodies were discovered on the 13th of June, 1958.  They were found two days after they disappeared and the two of them are found naked.  Both of the bodies show evidence that they were sexually assaulted and were mutilated after.  Burns then decided to drain the blood of his victims and then slice them on smaller parts before cooking and eating them.

When he was arrested, people threw bricks at his house and more than 100 people attended his trial.  But the other attendant was not able to take the details and left the court before the trial even ends due to the graphic contents. The jury found him insane and suffering from a psychotic problem.  At his trial on October 21, 1958 the jury said that he was unfit to make a plea and was unfit for a trial.


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