Zirovec-Slovenian Lore

Zirovec is a part of the Slovenian lore.  He was said to be a wealthy and caring man, but despite of that he turned into a vampire.  Zirovec died in Tomiselj 50 yrs. ago.  He turned into a Vedomec which is a local term for a vampiric creature.  According to the story, Zirovec rose from his grave and started to visit his wife during night time.  He will spend the whole night with his wife, a normal thing that he do when he was still walking on this life. 

Some old men who are still alive on that day and are familiar with Zirovec, testified that they can sometimes see him sitting casually in a rock located near their house.  They often saw him wearing only one sock.  Though there were never accounts that someone was attacked by the phantom of Zirovec, the villagers are too terrified of him, which is no longer surprising considering some of the myths about the undead.

The local church authority decided to put once and for all an end to this bizarre sighting of Zirovec’s phantom.  They exhumed the corpse of Ziroved, pierced it with a hawthorn stake and return him from his grave.  Zirovec was never again sighted from the village.  His wife became crazy due to extreme sadness.

They said that when they pierced the corpse with a hawthorn stake, the corpse apparently exclaimed “Oh now you caught me”.  There are also rumors that his wife gave birth to a vampire. 


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