Abigail Staples

Council members of the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island gave the permission to Stephen Staples the permission to exhume the body of the suspected vampire on 1796.  The suspected vampire was his deceased daughter, Abigail Staples.  The procedure that they are going to perform on the corpse of Abigail Staples was a hope to save his other daughter from an unknown disease, Livina Chase.

Stephen Chase is a known farmer in the land and his daughter, Abigail succumbed to consumption about a year ago.  The council then ordered Stephen Chase that after the “experiment” that he wishes to perform on the body of hid dead daughter he should rebury it in a “dissent manner”.

A little is known about the experiment that was performed on the body of Abigail.  During those times, it is a custom of every family to choose a barren land on their farm and convert it to a grave yard.  And since the body of Abigail lies on the property of Staples, a little is known about the procedure they did.  But it is believed that they perform a vampiric ritual on the body of Abigail.

The location of the grave of Abigail Staples remains unknown up to this day.


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