The adze is a vampiric Creature in the lore of the Ewe people of Africa.  The Ewe people are particularly located in Ghana and Togo.  The adze has an ability to transform into a form of a firefly but it immediately reverts back to its human form if someone managed to capture him.  While in their human form, the adze is said to have an ability to possess human beings.

Those who are possessed by the adze were deemed as witches.  Those who have a connection to a human that is possessed by an adze would suffer some unfortunate events.  There are various sign if one is suspected of being possessed by an adze; women who have brothers especially if their niece or nephew fared better compared to their own, old people who stayed alive despite of the young ones dying, and if the poor people envied the fortune of the rich people.

Being in the appearance of a firefly give them ability to pass through small opening and cracks.  When an adze managed to enter the house, they would suck the blood out of their victims while they were sound asleep.  Their victim would eventually fell ill and die.  The adze is said to originate from the horrors and dangers brought by mosquitoes.

There are no known ways on how one can defend himself against the terror of the adze.


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