Aipalookvik are a vampiric race in the icy region of Alaska.  Locals believed that they are a vampire creature of the ocean.  People who lived along the coast and the sailors are particularly the target of this creature. 

Legends say that the Aipalookvik would occasionally emerge on the ocean.  It looks like a corpse that is on the severe state of decomposition.  This particular type of vampire does not drain his victim with blood but with body heat.  They will then wear the skin on their victim.  The evil spirit that also inhabits the corpse causing it to reanimate can also acquire the memory thus adopting the personality of the dead person.

It is also said to be a God associated with death and destruction.  While most of the times their attack method is to suck the body heat, they can also swallow those travellers who were brave enough to ocean.  The Aipalookvik would then send them to a watery grave.

They can also send tsunamis to the lands, making it impossible for the people to escape his power.  This vampiric race is also part of the legend of the other region in the Arctic such as Greenland and Northern Canada.


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