Aisha Qandisha

Aisha Qandisha is a vampire Goddess that originated in the ancient City of Carthage.  Her name literally translates to “loving to be watered” (as in, something to do with sexual fetish).  Her name has been usually associated with Qadesha, which are the temple women in the Canaan who serve Astarte, they are forbidden to have sex.

Aisha Qandisha is a succubus who drains the energy of her victim while having a sexual intercourse with them.  She is beautiful but on the region of Morocco she is described as a creature with feet of a goat.  She is believed to dwell on wells and waterways.  Like the Wili, Aisha Qandisha is often seen dancing naked, tempting the young men into dancing with her.  Those who willingly danced with her will be her sexual slaves.

Men who was seduced with her beauty will become impotent and uninterested with other women.  Aisha Qandisha also have a companion which is also a vampiric creature.   A jinni named Hammu Qaiya is often seen by her side.

Since she is a goddess, the Aisha Qandisha cannot be vanquished, she can only be driven away by dipping an iron stick deep into the ground before one is enchanted by her beauty. There is also a way to break the spell of the Aisha Qandisha.  A man has to undergo a ritual where he has to be put into a trance and see the goat feet of the Aisha Qandisha.

By the time that he witnessed the true identity of the Aisha Qandisha, he needs to plunge an iron stick as deep as he can into the ground.  After successfully doing this, the control of the Aisha Qandisha over him would immediately break.


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