A female Coptic Egyptian, vampire, child murdering demon similar to Lilith and Abyzou, Alabasandria is also known as Alabasdria.

Alabasandria is said to have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a reptile, particularly a snake.  He is known to attack women, virgins and children,  On attacking the pregnant women, she is believed to suck on the milk and blood of the mother causing them to miscarry.  If the mother successfully gave birth to a child, he would prevent the mother to produce milk, thus killing the newborn baby.  It was also said that she can spread disease among women and kill them.

Unlike the Abyzou and Lilith, Alabasandria is said to have offspring who also carries out the same evil intent.  They were also blamed for infertility.

Alabasandria is often associated with another vampiric entity, the Gello.  To drive away the evil creature, the spirit of St. Sisinnious was summoned in order to protect them.  He was called by the believers to help them defeat Alabasandria since he is known to defeat Gello during his lifetime.

There were also charms and amulets available to the market which depicts the Alabasandria being trampled or defeated by animals with hooves especially the horses.  These amulets were believed to repel or protect someone form the attack of the vampire creature.


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