Al is also known as Eclipse vampire in other region.  In Turkey, this creature is depicted as an average looking person that sometimes can take the form of an eagle.  While it is in its human form, the vampire is known to eat boiled milk and wine (sometimes vodka) apart from blood.

An approaching Ala in an Eagle form can be distinguished with the appearance of the sky.  The sky would start to grow dark and thunderstorms would start to manifest.  Lightning and hail would follow after.  During the bad weather, the Ala would sweep down and destroy the grape vineyard, eating all of the grapes.

In either of its forms, the Ala can cause storm and destroy livelihoods.  Local farmers believed that the creature can be killed with a shotgun loaded with shells that are filled with silver, gold, steel and lead.

On Greek legends, the ala is a creature that can eat the sun and moon, reason why it is also called the Eclipse vampire.

Ala is also a mythological creature in the legends of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia.  Like in Turkey, the Ala is known to be the demon of bad weather.  They are known to be very greedy and with an insatiable appetite for children.

But the Ala is not only known to cause destruction.  It can also give benefits to those people who have a good relationship with her.  The creature is said to live in clouds, lakes or other isolated areas.


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