Alexander Bychkov “I am a wolf”

Alezander Bychkov’s main motive for committing series of murder was allegedly to impress a girl who dumps him for saying that he is a wimp and not a wolf.  He said that he’s going to show him that he is indeed a wolf.  There were no records though if the girl was impressed after Alexander Bychkov murder nine individuals and cannibalize them.

Alexander Bychkov was caught shoplifting, but the police were shocked upon he confessed that there were six bodies that was buried on his backyard.  He also said to the authority that he ate the heart and the liver of two of his victims.

When he was acting as a wolf, he apparently preyed on the more vulnerable people like the homeless and the drunk.  It has been a common target for the killers to kill the drunk and the homeless a good example would be Andrei Chikatilo.

Aside from the  6 bodies that were buried at the backyard of the suspect, Bychkov was charged with three additional crime and was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment after proven guilty for nine counts of murder.   Alexander Bychkov’s reign of terror started at around September 2009 and ended on January of 2012.  He was not charged for cannibalizing the heart and liver of the two victims because the officers cannot find an ample evidence to prove it.

The media dubbed him as the “Cannibal Serial Killer” for the signs of cannibalism found on the remains of the victims.


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