Alvaro Calambaro

Alvaro Calambaro who is held responsible for killing two individuals believes that if he is to be executed, he will go to sleep and wake up in a form of a vampire. Alvaro Calambaro born in the year 1973 pleaded guilty in killing Peggy Crawford (37) and Keith Christopher (21) using hammer and crowbar.

Calambaro together with his accomplice Duc Cong Huynh went to the store on the night of January 3, 1994. They bind the two victims and started beating them with hammer and crowbar.  They were also held responsible for robbing the U Haul business money worth $2,400.

Both Calambaro and Huynh were sentenced to death but Huynh hanged himself inside his prison cell at the Ely State Prison.  A district judge signed Calambaro’s death warrant stating that he is sane enough to be placed to death even though he is being treated of schizophrenia and that he may think that he is a vampire.

Prior to the execution, the Philippine consulate is asking to stop the execution as it would violate the Vienna convention Treaty.  They said that the authorities failed to inform the government about his case leaving him with inadequate legal support. But Carson City authorities discarded their plea and continue in serving the execution.

Calambaro was executed using lethal injection on April 5, 1999.


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