Normally, an aswang (vampire in the Philippines) needs to transfer the curse to the next generation to maintain the existence of their clan.  But in some instances, there were aswang who failed to transfer their power to their kids, in this case the aswang would return as “amalanhig.”

Amalanhig is a creature in the Hiligaynon folklore.  They tend to kill humans by biting them in their neck.  There is an easy way to survive the attack of amalanhig.  Like the K’uei of China, the Amalanhig can only walk in a straight line due to the stiffness of the corpse.  The wise thing to do if you stumbled upon an amalanhig is to run on a zigzag line or go up the trees and stairs that is out of reach of the creature.  They are also scared of deep bodies of water, so running on lakes and river is also advisable.

They are depicted as a creature that is similar to the human except for the extreme enlargement of their canine teeth.  They are also considered a different type of vampire in the Philippines mythology.  They are the closest creature to the western vampires.


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