Amazon Indians Implicated in devouring a farmer

The story about the 5 members of the tribe of Kulina that was accused of butchering and eating a farmer as a part of their ritual was relayed by a city official of the village of Envira to the crew of CNN.

The chief of staff named Maronilton da Silva Clementino told the crew that the members of the Kulina tribe Killed Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, 19 years old on February of 2009 at the outskirt of  remote village of Envira.  The local newspaper reported that the Amazon Indians managed to escape after they were apprehended on a police station for several hours.  No arrest warrant was released due to the law prohibiting them to enter any Indian lands.

The number of person involved in cannibalizing the 18 year old farmer was unknown, though there have been reports of some Indians escaping fearing that the authorities might nabbed them and involved them in the crime.  Clementino was supposedly tending his herd when he met the group of Indians and invited him back to his tribe.  Unfortunately, Clemention never returned.  The family went to the reservation and saw the mutilated remains of Clementino, his skull was found hanging on a tree.

Members of the Kuline tribe began surrounding the police station when the suspects were arrested.  The family was said to be very disappointed about the turnout of events and that the laws are only meant to protect the Indians and not the Brazilians.

Kulina is known to be an isolated village.  There are at least 2,500 Kulina tribe members who live in Brazil.  The tribe is known for cannibalizing human as a part of their rituals.


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