Amos Gichuhi Kimeria

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria was suspected of murdering his neighbor using a machete and eating his liver, heart, intestines and penis after.  Samwell Epolisi Lodoket, the name of Kimeria’s neighbor was killed using a panga (the African for a Machete).

The remains of the victim were carelessly dumped; some of the body parts were discovered on a granary not far from the location of the home of the suspect.  There are also some remains found on the farm where Kimeria used to work.

2 men who discovered the body on the farm testified that they found the corpse disemboweled on the 29th of June 2012.  They also claimed that they saw Kimeria looking nervous and with bloodstains found on the back and shoulder of his clothing.  The two escorted Kimeria to the police before they even discovered the body because they fear that at his current state he might have cause harm to others who are in the farm.  Furthermore the villagers are already angry of what happened and this might cause a ruckus and mob him.

The police has conducted search and found the other parts of the victim including a flesh of human meat that is wrapped in plastic and a pot that is full with an unidentified meat.  The heart, liver, intestines and penis were never found.

All proceedings have been delayed due to the mental evaluation that is being conducted to the suspect.  In addition the result was never made available to the public.


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