Anaïkatoumenos also known as Anakathoumenos is a Greek vampiric creature particularly on the Tenos region.  This creature has many similarities to other Greek vampire like it doesn’t need blood in order to prolong its existence.  It also doesn’t seem vulnerable to the sunlight.

The name Anakathoumenos literally means “the one who sat back up”.  People believe that the name originated from the way that the position of the corpse has altered.  The movement of the corpse is said to happen when a chemical change is said to happen to the muscle of the corpse.

Another theory about it is that the name was derived with the ancient grudge that the Greeks hold against the Turks at one time.  Most of the Greeks vampire were said to be cursed after they converted to Islam or due to their religious belief.

Based on the Islamic beliefs, upon the death of someone, two angels named Nakeer and Munkar will question people who recently die.  Those departed are then required to sit upright in the presence of the angelic spirits.  A Romanian legend also tells about how Turks are accused of taking bizarre positions after their death.

Anakathoumenos can be detected easily since they are believed to be restless.  A sudden change in the position of the dead body is said to be a sign of being a vampire creature.


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