Andrea Fernandez

Andrea Fernandez was riding a bus with her newborn son when her zombie experience happened.  She was a resident of Bogota, Colombia, the police found her three days wandering around the town topless, mumbling some words and her child is nowhere to be found.  Andrea finally regains her sanity inside the hospital, she was asking about her newborn baby but no one can answer her question.  Police authority thought that her baby might have been kidnapped by human traffickers.

The same incident has been reported around the Colombia for a hundred of times.  They said that the victim has been drugged of a certain medicine that placed them in a trance.  They are no longer in control of their body once they were drugged.  There were also reports about the tourist losing their consciousness or being drugged leaving them vulnerable to any attacks such as robbery, sexual assault and others.  Tourist and citizens were warned to be cautious when they are visiting a public place and watch out for those people who are giving them things to consume like candies, cigar drinks etc.  The authorities said that these type of consumable products might be dosed with a certain amount of drugs that can place you in a zombie-like state.

Officials believe that the criminals are using a drug that is called Scopalamine.  This drug has the ability to take the free will of a certain person.  In ancient times people who were doused with this medicine allowed themselves to be buried alive.  Scopalamine are often placed on drinks or sprinkled into a meal, it won’t change the color or taste of the food which makes it a popular choice for the criminals.

Victims who were placed in a zombie-mode allow themselves to be sexually assaulted, robbed, steal something valuable to them without remembering anything.


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