Chinese Zombie?

It’s not every day that you see a bus driver that attacks a random woman and just chew her face.  Based on the local news, the man named Dong was drinking heavily prior to the cannibalistic attack.

On Tuesday, the bus driver ran on the road and just stood in front of a car that is being maneuvered by a woman.  That behavior of Dong apparently stopped Du from driving the car.  The bus driver jumped on top of the car and started hitting the car.  The woman inside started to panic and scream for help.

With no help coming, the woman decided to escape out of the car but the psychotic driver jumped on her causing her to stumble down the ground.  Dong started to bit on the face of the poor woman.  The woman can do nothing but to cry while her face was covered with blood as the onlookers started to pull her away from the suspect.

Those people who witness the attack said that the bus driver seems to be crazy and just resist those people who tried to subdue him.  When the police arrived on the scene they brought Dong into the police station which seems to bring an end of his rampage.

The woman was taken to the hospital and the doctors recommended a plastic surgery to cover the wound brought by the attack.  Some parts of his face seem to be affected especially the nose and the lips.

Incidentally, the attack happened in the same year that there has been a noticeable rise on the zombie-like attack in the US.


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