Angela Thomas

This eerie account about an encounter with an evil black dog was from the personal experience of Angela Thomas.  A black dog is often associated to a werewolf or vampiric activity or in other nation a black dog is linked to death.  Angela Thomas is the executive producer of P.O.R.T.A.L.

It was almost night time when she arrived on her grandparent’s home. The house appears to be very simple and cannot be compared to the previous house where her grandparents live.  But as soon as she entered the house, she felt the dark energy that encompasses the entire house, it’s as if the house has a life of its own.

She disregarded that thought and went to her bedroom that she shared with her sister, Sandy.  They spend the night listening to the stories of their grandmother about moving into the town and also that their grandfather fell ill shortly after moving to the house.  The doctors cannot explain the origin of his illness; their grandfather appears to be lifeless lying on bed.  The door of her grandfather’s room was kept open, just in case of any emergency.  While they were having conversation, Angela thought he saw a giant black dog that passed in front of her grandfather’s bed.

She asked her grandmother about the dog, but apparently they were not keeping dogs as pets.  But Angela was sure that she saw a dog.  She followed the path that the black dog allegedly took but she saw nothing, she searched every corner of the house but still no dog was present.

That night Angela finds it hard to sleep.  Then as she was trying to sleep, she heard a loud noise coming from the other room.  She sat on her bed and glanced on the other room and there she saw an image of a giant dog.  She tried to wake up her sister but her sister is not responding.  He chanted a prayer and commanded the evil dog to leave.  The next thing she knows was the creature was gone.

After that night, her grandfather was able to gain back his strength.  It seems like a curse has been driven of their house.  But that night changed the life of Angela, she now firmly believes that evil does walks among us.


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