Anjanette Donovan Lyles

Anjanette Donovan Lyles is a beautiful woman who was first married to a World War 2 veteran named Ben F. Lyles.  They run a restaurant at the downtown Macon in Georgia.  Anjanette was not particularly good in school but it seems she has an advantage when it comes to public relations.  There came a time that Ben was thinking of selling the restaurant, Anjanette performed a voodoo hex that hopefully would change Ben’s mind.  But the voodoo spell did not work at all.  Anjanette was angry, on the fact that she did not know about Ben’s decision on selling the restaurant.  Ben’s health slowly deteriorated after that.   Ben died on January of 1952 shortly after he entered the hospital.  The doctors ruled out that the cause of death in encephalitis.

After his, death Anjanette Donovan Lyles returned to work.  She applied for a loan and took back the restaurant that they once owned.  The restaurant became one of the most popular restaurants in the city.  This is the time that she met Joel Neal Gabbert, an airline pilot. 

 Joel Neal Gabbert is a loyal customer of her restaurant.  The two of them got married on June of 1955 after a week of courtship.  Three months after their marriage, Joel Neal Gabbert felt ill.  Anjanette Donovan Lyles hired a nurse to take care of her husband while she go to work.  The nurse advised her that she need to take her husband to the hospital.  But despite of bringing him to the hospital, Gabbert died due to an unknown reason.

The Mother of Ben Lyles died after and after 8 months her beautiful 9 year old daughter followed.  The succeeding death caught the attention of the authorities.  They performed an autopsy to the remains and diagnosed that their body contains high amount of Arsenic.  It seems that all of them died due to arsenic poisoning.  The police searched the house and managed to find a rat poison that contains high amount of arsenic toxins.  They also found the same bottles but all of the bottles are empty.

Anjanette Donovan Lyles was arrested and placed into trial on the 6th of May 1958.  During the trial, it was revealed that Anjanette amassed wealth after the deaths of these individuals.  But besides of a luxurious life, Anjanette seems to be spending much of the money that she acquired on voodoo stuff.

Anjanette Donovan Lyles was sentenced to be committed at a mental hospital.  She died due to a heart attack on December 4, 1977.  During the trial it was revealed that she use this kind of root.  She has a certain roots that if you place in the mouth of anyone, they would follow every command of yours.  It is just like turning them into a mindless monster and agreeing into every command of yours, just like a zombie.  Could this be the reason why Anjanette’s restaurant became so popular?  


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