Another zombie-like attack

It seems that all this zombie-like attack happens frequently in Florida.  In September,  Richard Cimino Jr. was held responsible for jumping on a woman and chewing on her head.  The incident bears a striking resemblance to the “Causeway Cannibal”.

The suspect allegedly drove his car on the 12th of September 2012 in a road near Hawley Pennsylvania, and just like what Rudy Eugene did; all of a sudden he got out of the car take off his clothing except his underwear and attempted to enter a house nearby.

The homeowner shouted at him and he ran away.  He took off his underwear before entering an empty house.  Cimino didn’t stay too long in the house; he jumped out of the window from the second story house that injured his arm.  He went back to the street where he stumbled upon two walking women.  By this time Cimino is already covered with his own blood caused by his injuries.  He suddenly jumped on one of the women smothering her with his blood and gnawing her face while producing an animal sound.  The woman was so shocked but he managed to struggle from the attacker and called 911.

Moments later, the police arrived on the scene and they discovered Cimino lying on the street, severely injured.  But it seems that Cimino still have some strength left in him as he was able to fight against the authorities.  It was not until the authorities tasered him that he was finally subjugated.

When the blood analysis came out, the result is a little vague as they were not able to found any substance present on the suspect except for marijuana.  The man was also proven completely sane and in normal condition.


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