Apsaras is a celestial vampire creature of the Indian lore.  They were said to be created when the God Vishnu used the Mt. Mandara as a churning rod in one of the legends in India.  As he was doing this, Vishnu was able to create magnificent treasures and creatures.  But aside from those he also created 35 million apsaras.  Their name was believed to be derived from this legend which means “from the water”.

The apsarras are known for their love of dance, their unimaginable beauty that can rival the goddesses, their talents and their love for wines and dice.  They were said to be sent to the land of the mortals in order to defile the virtuous men.  The creature would use her beauty and charm to seduce the men in committing sin causing him to lose all the merit that he accomplished.

Apsaras is said to possess different abilities.  They can put a hex on someone and cause him to be insane; they also have the ability to take full control on the animals of the forest.  Apsaras can also bring out the rage into a calm man and can also predict the future accurately.    Interestingly, the creature also sends inspiration to lovers and shape shift in different forms.

Apsaras is always delighted to fulfill their task and for a good reason; they are given an immortal life once they succeeded in breaking the virtue of a man.  During the times that the apsaras failed in doing so due to the strong will of the man then she will cause him to go insane or would order the vicious beast in the forest to tear his flesh apart.

There were also stories telling that the Apsaras fell in love with the human that he was ordered to seduce.  During those incidents, the Apsaras would marry the man rather than to cause him any harm.  It was believed that the apsaras make for a good housewife,

The apsaras are not always seducing men, they are also seen in the battle field and hover above the heads of the great warriors.  If one of those warriors died while holding his weapon the apsaras would carry his spirit into the paradise.


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