Bajang is said to be a vampiric spirit on Malaysian lore.  Though they associated it more to a vampire, the bajang usually takes the form of a fox which is similar to the Gumiho of Japan.  But in this case the true form of a Bajang is a muscular male with a brown skin.  Its eyes are orange and the hairs are flimsy. The feet of a bajang are similar to the talons of a vulture.

It is believed that this creature loved to prey on children, and can be used as a familiar by a certain family that is practicing craft and handed down from generation to generation.  If not a familiar, the bajang will dwell on a dense forest far away from the village, since it is afraid that his shelter might be cut down.  Cutting down the trees where the bajang lives means ending its life.  But if it is a familiar, the bajang is kept in a bamboo that was made into a vessel they called “tabong”.  They should be constantly nourished with foods such as milk or bread.  Neglecting their daily meal would result to his betrayal and will kill you instantly.  Like the other vampires, the bajang is also blamed for mysterious illnesses.

Bajang’s favorite meal is the fetus; they believe the stretch mark is caused by the attacks of the bajang. Babies who are defenseless can be protected by placing a scissor near them.  Children were given an amulet to repel them and also there were numbers of proven method to help them locate the owner of the creature.

Pawang (witch doctors) can come in handy in interrogating the victim while he is in a trance state.  They believe that during this time, the owner of the bajang is in control.   The pawang will aim a razor to the victim believing that the hair of the owner would fall out.  Anyone who was suspected to be the owner of the bajang will be in danger.  Numbers of supposed incident that involves a suspected owner of bajang that has been driven of the village or killed was documented in Malaysia.

The Bajang also has its female counterpart named langsuir.


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