Nagasjatingarong blamed for the death of 5 husband.

A Nagasjatingarong is an Indonesian vampire.  It is believed to have the ability to possess the body of a beautiful woman that she uses to seduce her victim which is usually young male.  The nagasjatingarong would bite her victim in the neck and feed on their blood.  Surprisingly this creature won’t leave a mark indicating that the victim has been bitten by a vampire.  The only way to tell that he was attacked by this creature is if he was diagnosed with the condition of anaemia.

The Daily Reporter newspaper reported about an incident on March 18, 1975 about a woman who has 5 successive husbands.  Apparently all 5 of them died after only months of marrying the 25 year old beautiful woman. The parents of a woman are worried about their daughter so they consulted a witch doctor.  The doctor confirmed that the woman is under the influence of the nagasjatingarong.  It feeds on the blood of her husband that caused their anaemia that eventually led to their death.  All of her 5 husband died on the first month of their marriage.

The shaman confirmed that the woman from Sumatra is possessed by the Nagasjatingarong.  The shaman said that these 5 husbands have a rival on the heart of their wife which is beyond human.  In folklore the incident can be compared to succubus and incubus, the succubus being the demon who takes the form of a woman to seduce young men for sexual pleasure and the incubus who preys on beautiful woman and have a sexual intercourse with them.  According to legend, a repeated sexual intercourse with these demons can deteriorate your health massively and eventually cause your death.

This event was explained by science as sleep paralysis or the old hag syndrome.


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