Baobhan sith, Vampiric Fairies

A baobhan sith is a part of the Scottish mythology often associated with banshee and Ieanan sidhe.  They are a vampire fairies also called the White Woman of those that are on Highlands.  It is said that the baobhan sith trick men with their beautiful faces, they will dance in front of the men with seductive moves until those men fell into sleep due to exhaustion.  The Baobhan sith will then feed on their blood.  Baobhan sith can be killed with a cold iron just like most of the vampires.

Baobhan sith possess both the characteristic of the fairies and a vampire.  It has the beauty of a fairy usually wearing a green or a white dress plus its enchanting ability to lure male travelers or hunters and the frightening vampire for its blood sucking nature.

There is a popular Scottish ale about a group of young male hunters who went out and spent their night outside with a make shift tent.  After some time the group of hunters felt so bored that they started playing music and dancing.  One of them thought that it would be more fun if all of them have their distinctive partners in dancing.  Immediately after he said that, four female dancers suddenly appear, three out of four hunters started to dance with the beautiful muses while the other one decided to stand by the music maker.  Not long after they started to dance, the hunter beside the music maker noticed a drop of blood coming from his friends that are dancing.  He was so scared that he ran immediately for his life, but the blood sucking fairies chased him.  He hid himself on the group of horses wearing iron hooves.  The baobhan sith kept on circling him but they were unable to penetrate the horses due to their iron hooves.  Once the dawn came in sight, the baobhan sith was no longer around.  He came back for his friends but he was so horrified to see the bloodless body of his comrades.

The baobhan sith is also a popular subject on some literature like the Tempest Rising of Nicole Peeler, The Magician of Michael Scott, Raymond Feist, Faerie tale, and a novel by Cornelia Amiri about the dancing vampire.


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