Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess

Elizabeth Bathory was one of the first documented serial killers.  She was of noble blood that literally finds pleasure in drinking blood and reportedly bathes into the blood of her victims to rejuvenate her youthful looking skin.  The number of victims varies depending on the witnesses account but the server in the castle who counted the numbers of the dead bodies removed estimated it at around 100-200.  One reliable witness stated that her victim can reach as high as 650 women whose names are listed by the Blood Countess herself.  Before the said trial, there have been many reports about her but her family status is preventing her from going into a trial.  After the death of her husband she was accused of horribly torturing and murdering female victims, she was never put into a trial, she was immediately sent to a jail in December 1610 at Csejte Castle in Upper Hungary (Slovakia) where she remained until her death.  She was often compared to Vlad the Impaler which is an inspiration to Bram’s Stroker Dracula.

Elizabeth was engaged at an early age of 12 to Ferenc Nádasdy, most probably a royal engagement made with the circles of the aristocrats.  They got married when Elizabeth was only 14 years old.  At least 4500 guests attended the said wedding.  Elizabeth gave birth to her first daughter on 1585 but the daughter died on 1605.  He later gave birth to 2 daughters and 4 sons.

Her husband’s death is due to an unknown illness.  Her husband entrusted them to Gyorgy Thurzo that led the investigation against the unusual hobby of the Countess.  Some are saying that Elizabeth Bathory was a victim of a political conspiracy but the accounts of the witness prove otherwise.  Some servants attested that Bathory’s evil deeds were also done in her other properties in Vienna, Sarvar, Bratislava and Nemetkeresztur.  Elizabeth’s usual victims are adult peasant girl, luring them into her castle by promising them a huge income.  Two of the servants personally witnessed the crime Bathory had committed.  The name, Anna Darvulia was also mentioned by the witnesses.  Apparently Anna was the one who influenced Bathory on his gory habit.  Bathory was so worried about losing her youth at the age 25, she met Anna Darvulia, a self proclaimed sorceress and told Bathory that bathing on the blood of young women can rejuvenate her youth.  The number of dead bodies and remains that were discovered on graveyards, castle and other undisclosed location further intensify the charges against the bloody countess.

All of her servants testify against her except one.  That one servant met a terrible death, her eyes were plucked out, and they removed her breast and burned her at the stake.  His 3 defendants suffered the same fate.  2 of them had their fingers removed by a hot pinchers, while the other one was beheaded before burning them at the stake.

Elizabeth was never place into a trial; she was confined inside her castle, into a small room with only a small opening left for ventilation and for the passing of food.   She died 4 years later.  Her body was discovered by a guard who noticed that some of the meals were left untouched.  The exact date of her demise was not disclosed.  Elizabeth was known to be the most prolific female killer in history of mankind.


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