Man says he’s a Vampire

A man from Michigan was found dripping wet, muddy and all messed up outside a drug store.  But it appears he wasn’t there to do some shopping, he was looking for some blood.  Andrew Whiteman, 21 years of age from Royal Oak Michigan told the local officer that he was a 100-year old vampire that can smell blood.  He threatened the life of an officer and its kids and he also claimed to have an eternal life.

Whiteman was displaying an inappropriate behavior outside of the Drugstore on SR 58 when he was arrested.  He was charged for trying to break inside the drug store and for other misconducts while under the influence of alcohol. 

Whiteman was being taken on the County jail when he told the deputies that their lives are in danger and that he can smell their blood even though he’s at the back seat of the patrol car.  Upon arriving at the county jail, Whiteman remains to be unruly and refused to get outside of the patrol car.  The officers had to push him out of the car to get him out.  He also said to a woman officer that he will eat her kidney since he’s craving for it.

Afraid that he might cause further damage.  The officers decided to restrain his actions by placing him on a restraint chair.  


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