Zmeu is a vampire-like creature that can be found in different legends across the globe.  One in particular was through the legends of Moldavia.  They believe that his creature can assume the appearance of a flame and enter the room of young girls every night.  The Zmeu would then take the form of a young man and seduce the victim.

In Transylvania, the zmeu takes the identity of a young girl.  She was said to live in the deep forest.  She would seduce mostly the shepherds promising them that they would take their cattles into a greener land if the shepherd would make love with her.

In Romanian Myths, the Zmeu has human traits and have a certain desire to marry young girls.  They believe that this creature is a manifestation of selfishness and greed.  Based on the legends of Romania, this creature has an uncanny habit to steal valuable things that only a young handsome man can retrieve.

There is a legend of the Zmeu tht is similar to the popular tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Some of the English translation depicted this creature as a giant or an ogre.  The story relayed a zmeu who kidnapped a beautiful maiden and took it to his realm to be his wife. A Fat-Frumos (term for a prince Charming) slay the zmeu and took the young maiden to be his wife.

In other stories, the Zmeu has magical stone in its head that is as bright as the sun.  His original form was said to be that of a dragon.

In times that a zmeu would approach and seduce you, one should carry garlic, a candle wax and a celandine in order to protect yourself from its power.


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