Gregory Hale

Gregory Hale,  37 years of age confessed to the police that he picked up Lisa Hyder, killed her, dismembered her body and ate her.  He also took Hyder to his parent’s home in Tennessee as a part of the Satanic ritual.  Upon interrogation conducted by a psychiatrist, they found out that Hale highly idolize the serial killer, Richard Ramirez.  He thought that he is also the Night Stalker.  Hale has no previous criminal record but experts believed that if he hadn’t been caught on his first crime, he would continue on murdering.

The body of Lisa Hyder was found mutilated, butchered and chopped.  Hale was charged with first degree murder for mutilating a corpse.  Prior to the death of Lisa Hyder he called her ex-husband after meeting a stranger which led to the arrest of Hale.

Gregory Hale was fired from a meat processing plant after he was discovered by his boss performing satanic ritual.  The businessman recalls how Hale would often took animal bones and eyes of animals and took it to his home for his supposed rituals.  His social networking site is also filled with gory images and stuff about cannibalism.  Hale confessed that they were talking beside the fire when he decided to kill Lisa Hyder.  The authorities found no definitive motive on the murder and cannibalism that he committed.


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