The Mad Carpenter

Ludwig Tessnow’s first victims were two young girls that he kidnapped on the year 1895.  He butchered their bodies, dismembered it and left it in the woods.  Authorities were able to determine that Tessnow is within the region where the gruesome murder occurred.  The officers even found stains in the clothes of Tessnow, but when they question them regarding the stain he told them that it was apparently a stain from a wood dye.  The authorities do not saw any irregularities with it since Tessnow is a carpenter.  The authorities set him free and the perpetrator of the crime was not found.

Tessnow was again brought to inquest when he was coined with the murder of two brothers.  Herman Stubbe, 8 years old and Peter Stubbe, 6 years old were disemboweled and dismembered similar to what happened to the bodies of the two girls.  Witnesses said that the two boys were last seen talking to Tessnow before they disappeared.  Just like the previous incident, the authorities spotted large stains on the clothes of Tessnow but again he told them that it is a wood dye.

But the authorities are a lot smarter now.  Tessnow was also apparently seen hacking a sheep to death.  On that year, the forensics has acquired a new technology of testing blood.  They had the clothes tested to see if it is a blood of an animal or a human.  After further analysis, the result shows that blood of animals and human are present on the clothes of the carpenter.

Ludwig Tessnow was immediately arrested by the police.  He was convicted on 1904 and executed at the same year by beheading at the courtyard of the Greifswald prison.  Though he was not really called a werewolf, the severity of the crime that he committed can be compared to a wild beast.


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