Donald Henry Gaskins

Donald Henry Gaskins was an American serial murderer who was said to be responsible for killing 10-110 victims.  He is known for torturing and mutilating his victims and even committing cannibalism on some instance.  He confessed to killing 80-90 individuals but that statement was never confirmed.

Gaskins was born in Florence County in South Carolina.  At a young age he was involved in a crime of gang raping a sister of one of the school drop outs.  As a result he was sent into a reform school where he was constantly raped by his inmates.  He was released at the age of 18 and work for a short time in a tobacco plantation where he was again arrested for the charges of attempted murder.  He was raped again while he is inside the prison, but this time, Gaskins fought back.  From that point on, he started to grow more aggressive.   He tried to escape the penitentiary once but was once again arrested until he received a parole on 1961.

In November of 1970, Gaskins committed his first on his series of murders.  He murdered those people close to him and murdered them for personal reason.  Gaskin was finally arrested on November 14, 1975 after a criminal acquaintance told the police that he saw Gaskins murdered Dennis Bellamy and Johnny Knight.  He also confessed to the police that Gaskins told him about his killing spree.  Gaskins led the authorities to a land he owned in December of 1975 where they discovered the 8 bodies of his victims.

He was tried and found guilty on 8 counts of murders and was sentenced to death which was later commuted to life imprisonment.  While inside the penitentiary, Gaskins continued his criminal act gaining him the moniker of “The Meanest Man in America”.  While he was on death row, he decided to tell his story to a journalist named Wilton Earle.  He told him that he had “special mind” that allowed him to kill someone.

Gaskins was executed on the 6th of September, 1991 by electric chair.


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