Manuel Blanco Romasanta, A serial killer or a Werewolf?

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was said to be the first serial killer in Spain ever to be documented.  He admitted to about 13 counts of murder but he also confessed that he is not responsible since he is under a malevolent curse that turned him into a wolf.

Romasanta lives most of his life in Galicia, a small town in the province of Orense.  He was actually living a comfortable life compared to other residents in that area. He can read and write and he can afford to travel by mule.  He became a tailor and then left his town to be a sales man and travel through Castile and Portugal.

The first count of murder happened when he travelled out of Galicia, Vicente Fernandez was found dead and Manuel Blanco Romasanta was judged by default after he failed to appear on the trial.  He was sentenced to spend 10 years in prison.

After his imprisonment he returned to the mountain of Orense where he continued his business.   Eventually people will notice that the women associated with Romasanta are disappearing one by one.  A total of seven women and two went missing after accepting his offer to become his guide.  Witnesses said that Romasanta was selling clothes and fats to which they believe were owned by his victims.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was finally captured In Toledo and brought him to a trial in Orense.  He will then confessed for a series of murder and blamed it on a curse that turned him into a werewolf.  Here’s a part of his sworn affidavit.

“The first time I transformed, was in the mountains of Couso. I came across two ferocious-looking wolves. I suddenly fell to the floor, and began to feel convulsions, I rolled over three times, and a few seconds later I myself was a wolf. I was out marauding with the other two for five days, until I returned to my own body, the one you see before you today, Your Honour. The other two wolves came with me, who I thought were also wolves, changed into human form. They were from Valencia. One was called Antonio and the other Don Genaro. They too were cursed… we attacked and ate a number of people because we were hungry.” — Manuel Blanco Romasanta.

Romasanta was acquitted on the 4 murders that he was accounted for since there were signs that they were attack by a wolf.  But he was found guilty on the other murders and sentenced to die in April 1853.  But his sentence was later reduced to life imprisonment due to the intervention of Queen Isabel II.  Strangely there were no documents found about the last days of Romasanta.  The last thing documented about him was when the Queen ordered for his transfer to Celanova. 


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