Wolf of Soissons

Though not a werewolf account, the wolf of Soissons is about a wolf that devours human and tormented the village of Soissons which is in the Northeast of Paris for two days in the year 1765. Around 18 people were attacked and four of them died from their fatal wounds.

First of the victim of the Wolf of Soissons would be a pregnant woman, and the unborn child.  They were allegedly attacked by the wolf in the church of Septmont during the final day of February.  Concerned citizen took the infant which is only about 4-5 months old right to the mother’s womb hoping that it will be baptized before he die.  The Wolf of Soissons reportedly attacked again, few moments after the first attack was recorded and only a few yards away from the scene.  Madame d’Amberief was able to survive the attack by fighting back together with her son.

On the 1st day of March, the attack continues near Courcelles.  A man was reportedly attack by the vicious Wolf of Soissons.  Fortunately he only suffered a head injury.  Two young boys were unlucky to meet the ravenous wolf on a road to Paris. Marechal and Boucher were savagely attacked by the creature and were seriously wounded.  Then a farmer lost half of his face after the wolf bit it, fortunately he was able to escape on the local mill.  But on the local mill a seventeen-year-old boy was already killed by the wolf of Soissons.

The next recorded attack of the wolf was on Bazoches.  A woman’s head were nearly decapitated and a girl who ran shrieking and in panic to the village to get a help was fatally wounded by its attack.  And in the town four more villagers were attacked by the Wolf of Soissons.  Other people arrive in the scene that startled the wolf causing it to flee.  They chased it to the courtyard where it had a fight with a dog.  Then the wolf went to the Pasteur where it reportedly killed a number of sheep and mutilated the body of a servant.

Finally a man named Antoine Saverella which is an ex-militia member pursued the Wolf of Soissons, where he was able to kill it with a pitchfork.  He was rewarded with an amount of 300 livres by Louis XV of France.


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