Fritz Haarman, the vampire of Hanover

Fritz Haarman also known as the Butcher of Hanover or the Vampire of Hanover is a serial killer who was known to be responsible for the death of 27 boys between the years 1918-1924.  He was found guilty for the 24 murders and was executed in 1925.

He was a poor student; he joined the military and did well.  When he was finished on his military service, he went back home where he was accused of molesting a kid.  The judge found him unfit for a trial and he was sent into a mental asylum.  He managed to escape and tried to resume a normal life, but he and his father always ends up quarrelling. 

The life on the street has a great influence on his crime activity.  He spent some time behind bars and was released on 1918.  He found a job as a butcher and also as an informant for the police.  And due to this, he will stumble upon random boys sleeping at the railways, he will ask them about their tickets and if they don’t have any, he will offer them a place to stay.  Those boys were never seen after that day.

1919, when Haarman found his lover and accomplice for murdering boys named Hans Grans.  They will choose their victim based on the preferred shirt of Grans.  Haarman reportedly bit their victims in the jugular veins and suck their blood to drink.  Haarman and Grans  went on to their daily business of crime and killings until 1924 when the police discovered a corpse in the Leine River, further investigation led to the discovery of 22 other bodies.

The police cannot produce hard evidence that would support their case against Haarman.  Until one of boy’s mother identified a piece of clothing by her son that they traced to Haarman.  He quickly confessed to the crime and named his accomplice.

Ages of the victims are around 12-18; Grans was the one who’s selecting the victim.  Haarman would then take him into a butcher shop where he also lived.  He would feed the victims before finally butchering them and eating them.  He would also bit them to drain them of their blood. Traces of human meat were also found on the sausages and processed meat, a man named Charles was assigned on processing and grinding the human meat.

During the trial Haarman said that he’s not insane, but during the killing spree, his mind is in a certain trance and he has no idea of what he was doing.  The court did not accept his alibi, he was judged to be in his sane mind when he was murdering the victims. He was executed by beheading but not before making his final request. He wanted them to curve the word “Here lies Mass-Murderer Haarman,” on his tombstone and Grans should offer his grave a wreath during his birthday.

Grans was sentenced to spend a lifetime behind bars while Charles is still missing.


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