Karol Kot

Karol Kot is a Polish sadist and a serial murderer who was charged with killing 2 victims and attempting to murder 10 individuals and 4 counts of arson.  He also shows an eerie fascination to blood and took pleasure in inflicting pain to his victims.

Born on the 18th of December, 1946 on the city of Krakow where he was raised and where he will eventually unleash his terror.  His reign of terror lasted for two years until he was arrested by the officials on the 12th of July, 1966.

Due to the horrors and fear that he instilled in the people of Krakow and his choice of victims (usually children and elders) plus his fascination for blood earned him the moniker, “The Vampire of Krakow”.  Before his capture, Karol Kot was known as a normal young adult who planned on becoming a student of Officer Candidate School.

During his college years, he suffered a nervous breakdown after failing to pass one subject.    He has a younger sister which was raised by their unemployed mother.  His first victim is an old woman at the church.  He stabbed the woman unsuspectingly while she was praying; fortunately she was able to survive the attack.  His second attack on an older woman was also unsuccessful, as the woman also survived the attack.  6 days after the incident of stabbing, he managed to kill an old lady whom he saw at the church.  This time he stabbed him multiple times aiming at her heart.  On the month of February, 1966 he stabbed an 11 year old kid to death.  Aside from the stabbing incident, Kot would constantly visit the bar, order a drink and add arsenic; he would then leave it hoping that someone would eventually consume the drinks.

Karol Kot was apprehended before his matura exam, the authority allowed him to take the exam just to prove that he is in his rightful mind and he wouldn’t use insanity as a form of defense.

During the trial, the experts who analyzed his mental behavior found out that during his childhood days, Kot would constantly go to the pig’s slaughterhouse and watch the butchers kill the pig.  In some instances he would also drink the warm blood of the pigs and he took pleasure in doing it.  Eventually he started killing animals.

Kot was declared guilty and sentenced to death on July 14, 1967.  He also lost his citizen’s rights.  The death sentence was carried out on May 16, 1968.


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