Kozlak: Poltergeist Vampire

Most vampires are born due to a curse, living a life of sin or breaking a promise.  But this is not the way you can turn into a kozlak.  Apparently one turns into a kozlak if a mother failed to breast feed her child properly.  If a baby would die after the mother forgot to nourish the kid on enough breast milk, or the baby died in a violent manner, then the baby is sure to return from the land of the living as a kozlak.

The baby would rise from its grave terrorizing the whole town and sending disease to the livestock.  The baby usually takes the form of an animal that can fly such as a small bird or a bat.

There are some cases when an adult dies in a violent way and become a kozlak.  They said that this type of kozlak has proved to be more troublesome compared to the baby kozlak.  They will dig on their grave and torment their own family by tearing their throat.  The locals believed that only a Franciscan monk can help you in a battle against kozlak.  They can lend you an amulet that is believed to drive back the evil spirit.  And he also knows a way to kill this creature.

The monk has to search for a hawthorn, but not just any type of hawthorn, a hawthorn must be growing into the mountain.  The Franciscan monk then has to create a stake out of the hawthorn and impale the heart of the corpse.  They believe that by doing so, the dead body’s contract with the demon will be revoked and his link on the evil presence would break, freeing the soul of the dead body.  But it doesn’t end there.  The monk then has to decapitate the head of the corpse and stuff his mouth with cloves of garlic.  By that time they can rebury the corpse and the attack of the kozlak should stop.

In some cases a Kozlak would like to enter the house of a housewife and throw random stuff (most of the time kitchenwares).  In other cases where they spotted a kozlak on the farm, the creature would pull the wagon and create an annoying noise.  The people believed that one should not sweep on the room of the decease for several days in order to prevent him from becoming a kozlak.


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