Richard Chase: A Blood for his Life

Richard Chase is a serial murderer convicted for 6 counts of murder on 1970s because he believed that he needed their blood to continue living as he thought that his own blood is missing.  Unlike other killers who drink blood for pleasure and sexual satisfaction Chase only drink blood believing he needed it to survive.

Contrary to other serial killers, Richard Chase spent a pretty normal life during his childhood days.  He was a good student during his elementary days; he is a member of the Cub Scout and also shows good athleticism.  During his adulthood however, some sign of chronic paranoid schizophrenia started to manifest.

Some were blaming it to a series of fights by his parents when he was a teenager.  His Mom is accusing his father of having a relationship with other woman.  While having an argument, Chase overheard his Mom that his Father is trying to poison her.  Chase attitude grew darker and darker.  He started using illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Chase began to imagine that someone wants to poison him, he has no idea who the person is but he’s sure someone is mixing syphilis in his cereal to poison him.  He came to believe that it was her mother trying to poison him by adding some detergent on his cereals.  He does not know what the exact reason is but he firmly believes that it was his mother.

When Richard Chase entered high school, he also developed a fear to a certain gang called “Germans”.  No one in that school has any information about the Germans or whether they are true or not.    But Chase said they existed and they plan to get him since he is partly Jewish.  He said that these Germans persuaded his mother into poisoning him.

Chase escaped his imaginary enemies when he left his home and lived with his friends while he was attending college at the American River College in Sacramento.  He thought that his nightmares about the Germans are already over, but when he returned home in 1972, his thoughts about his imaginary enemies went back and it’s more severe than before.  He came to believe that someone stole his artery and his blood was no longer flowing.  He was so scared that he went immediately to the emergency room.  The hospital admitted him as a mental patient, but he also checked out upon finding out that the doctors are not taking his claims seriously.

During this time, Chase would develop fears with dirty things, he would take a bath at least 4 times a day, and while in shower he claimed that he received a message from his mother and sister in the form of telepathy.  He also has this addiction in taking vitamin C, but every measure he’s taken seems ineffective to help him feel better.

Chase made an effort to save his ailing body by studying anatomy.  He concluded that the only thing that can save him from detergent poisoning was to receive blood plasma.  But no one believes him so he resulted to the next best option, drinking animal blood. Birds, cats, cows, just about any animals with blood, he started buying dogs to drink their blood and eat them raw eventually.  One day he thought that one of his dogs was poisoned with a battery acid by his neighbors.  He bought a handgun drove around the town and look for someone to shoot, the unfortunate victim was Edward Griffin, his death was blamed on vandals.

But there came a time when the blood of animals no longer suffices his needs.  This is the time that Chase will start drinking the blood of his human victim.  There are at least 6 people recorded that died on his hands.  One of them was Teresa Lynn a 22 year old woman.  Chase mutilated the body of his victims that shocked the police and the officers. He killed three people in one house and a baby would be his last victim.  He drank the blood of the baby and threw it in the trash after.

Statements of Chase had been so inconsistent.  Chase was convicted and was sent to Atascadero, an asylum for mentally ill criminals.  They transferred him to San Quentin wherein he accumulated an enough amount of tranquilizer to take his own life.  Chase died on the 27th of December 1980.


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