The Forrest Strip Vampire

Andrei Chikatilo is one of Russia’s Most Prolific Killers.  He was responsible for the murder of at least 55 people comprising mostly of school children from the period of 1978-1990.  Chikatillo usually cannibalize his victims and drink their blood.

The reign of Chikatilo lasted for 12 years leading to some wrong accusation and even to a death penalty on a supposed perpetrator due to the failure of the police and investigators to properly investigate the crime.  Alexander Kravchenko was convicted and was sentenced to death in 1978 after he was linked to the killing of a 9-year-old girl.  But Chikatilo confessed that the girl was his first victim, leaving Kravchecko innocent of the crime.  Another innocent suspect was arrested and took his life inside the prison.  The third one tried to commit suicide but failed in doing so.

More than 200,000 people were examined and questioned during one of the longest investigations that lasted for more than a decade.  Interestingly Chikatilo was brought to inquiry for two times but immediately released after they failed to produce sufficient evidence.

Chikatilo was a serial murderer cloaked in an image of an ideal husband and father.  He has a decent job.  He would normally prey on those poor school children on the bus stop and invite them to his place.  His goal was to assault them sexually, but when he realized that he cannot finish the act, he became berserk, killing his victims.

His ways of murdering children are unimaginable.  While they were still alive, he would bite their tongue, remove their sex organs and slit their stomach.  He would then drink the blood of his victim and eat the flesh.  He would bury the remains in the woods afterwards.

Chikatilo was arrested by the officer when a police saw a young boy followed a man on his middle age.  He refused to give further information about him during the inquest, but upon further conversation with a psychologist, Chikatilo broke down and confessed everything, how he watched his brother as other people devour him during the famine, and how his father was treated like a rebel when he went back.  He claimed that he started killing at the age of 42.

Chikatilo said that he had given his whole life with his family, but a different type of force was like controlling him to do this murder.  He cannot stop himself on his urge to kill.  Families and relatives of the victims stormed the courthouse demanding them to give Chikatilo to them.  Chikatilo was sentenced to death on October 15, 1992.  He undergo a traditional method of execution, he was shot at the back of his head.

Even though the arrest was made and the culprit was already placed on a trial.  The public was not happy on the result and believe that only if the authorities successfully did their job, the reign of terror of Chikatilo would not last for 12 years


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