The Vampire of Barcelona

Enriqueta Marti also known as the Vampire of Barcelona was a serial killer whose reign of terror lasted from 1902-1912.  She used to work as a maidservant until she decided to change her profession and chose the prostitution industry.

She got married to a painter in 1895, but they ended up in separate ways.  According to his former husband, her affairs with other men caused their breakup.  Marti would constantly dressed up as a beggar during daytime while looking for children to sell on prostitution or in most cases, murder them.  She would often claim that those children are hers even though she wasn’t fortunate enough to have her own child.  During nighttimes he would dress in the most grandiose way, and attend places where the rich and the famous often go, most probably to offer them of her service.

Marti was never tried, probably because most of his clients are influential and wealthy.  She was found dead inside her prison on May 12, 1913.

While she was acting as a prostitute pimp, she was also practicing as a witch doctor allegedly using the remains of those children he killed in creating medicine.  Age of victims ranged from infants up to 9 years of age.  She would utilize most parts of the children like hair, body fats, bones, bloods and turn them into powder.  This is also the reason why she managed to avoid being caught since she has a perfect way of disposing the bodies of the children.

The exact numbers of her victims was undetermined since she does not keep a tally of the children that she murdered.  Public and officials believe that Marti could’ve been one of the most prolific serial killers of Spain due to the length of period that she was active.  Police was only able to identify 12 children to the little remains that they discovered.


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