Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki also known as the “Little Girl Killer” is responsible for killing 4 young girls and drinking the blood in one instance and even eating the body parts of his victim in another instance.   The age of his victim ranges from 4 years old to 7 years old.  The victims also showed signs of molestation.

It was reported that Tsutomo Miyazaki mentally tortured the family of the victims by sending the postcards and even letters describing how he tortured and killed their kids.  There are also accounts that the killers called the house of the victims.  He also kept body parts as his trophy for killing.  It was believed that his reason for killing can be traced back to his childhood days.  Apparently, Miyazaki does not have a good relationship with his sisters and they constantly rejected him.  He was only gaining support from his grandfather, and when his grandfather died, he wanted to retain the memories of his father and even went as far as eating the ash of his grandfather.

August 1999-June 1989 when a subsequent murder incident happened that was attributed to Miyazaki.  The series of death was named as the Tokyo/Saitama Serial Kidnapping Murders of Little Girls. August 22, a day after his birthday, a 4 year old girl named Mari Konno went missing.  Apparently Miyazaki kidnapped and murdered the girl.  He also shows some signs of necrophilia after engaging on sexual manners after killing the girl.  He waited for Konno’s body to decompose and when the hands and the feet were detached, he took it home as his trophy.  He grinded the remaining bones until it became a powder and he sent them to her family together with some pictures that prove that Mari Konno is dead.

October 3, 1988 when he attacked his second victim, he killed Masami Yoshiwaza on the place that he killed Mari Konno.  He killed her on the same manner that he killed Mari Konno, even sexually molesting after killing her.

Erika Namba, 4 years old would be his third victim.  She was on her way home when Miyazaki kidnapped her and forced her inside the car.  While she was in the back seat she was forced by Miyazaki to remove her clothing and started taking pictures of her that he would eventually sent to the family.  He killed her and covered her with bed sheet and placed her on the trunk of the car.

On June 6, Miyazaki killed his last victim, Ayoko Namoto; he drank her blood and ate some of her body parts. He also took a picture of Namoto’s dead body and filmed it to send it once again to the family.  He was arrested after he was caught sexually assaulting a girl on July 23, 1989.  The arrest was followed up by a search in his bungalow where the authorities were shocked to discover body parts inside his closet.  Miyazaki was hanged on 2008 a rather long and grueling trial for a proven serial killer.


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