Vera Renczi

Some people’s hobbies are collecting some materials that they think are a part of the history or whose price could go up in the market over time, but Vera Renczi’s collection is different.  Vera Renczi loves collecting coffins.  She was born on a wealthy family with no problems asking for the things she wants.  She was basically a spoiled child.  Vera’s mother died when she was just a child so her father was left in her custody.

Eventually Vera married a man that was older than her.  Her father agreed considering that the man also came from a prominent family.  They had a son named Lorenzo, but shortly after giving birth to their first child, her husband vanished and she told her neighbor that he might have left her for another woman.

Few months have passed and Vera is firmed to her belief that his husband committed adultery, or at least that is what it appears to be.  Every people took pity on the young woman who was supposedly left by his husband not knowing that the husband is actually in the coffin at the cellar of the house.  Vera had amassed a total of 35 coffins; she would frequently gaze at her collection as an attest of her charm to men.

Since she no longer has a husband, Vera was known of having a relationship with different men.  Eventually she will settle with Josef Renczi.  But the people are aware that Vera is still married with her first husband so she cannot marry Josef.  It was then that Vera started a story about her former husband dying on a terrible accident thus she is now free to settle down with Josef.

Josef Renczi is known to be popular among women and it wouldn’t be long before he got entangled into another relationship.  Vera was sensing about this unfaithfulness and she wouldn’t allow the man to leave her. She fed him with a deadly amount of poison and she watched him while dying a painful death.  Vera continued her reign of terror on the 1920s-1930s.  At first Vera was targeting those men who will not be noticed by the villagers in case they were gone.  But her preference on victims changed that led to her capture.

Vera met a young banker that is already married and had an affair with him.  But there came a point when the banker felt an extreme guilt and chose to end the relationship.  One last time the banker visited Vera to end the relationship, but unknown to him, a coffin was already named after him.  Just like the other men, the banker ended up in Vera’s collection.

But the wife of the banker seeks the help of the police.  They went to the resident of the Renczi, but Vera was able to divert them by saying that she doesn’t know that he’s married.  The police dropped the case due to lack of evidence.  Thanks to the wife’s persistence, she was able to line Vera to the disappearance of 12 other men.  The police conducted a search inside the house and was shocked on the sight of the coffins. One of the coffins was for a little boy who believed to be that of their young son Lorenzo.

When Vera was interrogated on why she has done a terrible crime, she said that she couldn’t afford to lose any of her man so she kept them on her place.


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