Vincenzo Verzini

Vincenzo Verzini was not well known today, but during the 1800’s he was one of the most prolific serial killers of Italy.  Verzini was even believed to be as the first ever sexual serial murderer of Italy that was recorded.  Most of his criminal activity took place to the area where Jack the Ripper originated.   El Universal describe his crimes as “a whole series of frightful deed which resembles the work of his imitator on the bank of the Thames”

There are other variations of his name that can be found in other documents, as we all know during that day there is a little way to properly document a crime.  Verzini was born in Bottanaucco, an Italian village in the year 1849.  There are different accounts of his life.  Some says that he comes from a well to do family, other says the opposite and having a very dark childhood days.  But one thing in particular is that he is a loner.  He was friendly but most of the times he prefers to be quiet and calm.

According to Cesare Lombroso, Verzini’s ears has some flaw, one side is bigger than the other. And also some parts of his skull reveals that it suffered from torture or other corruption. According to one official, Verzini does not exhibit any sign of mental health problem.  The court attested to that during the proceedings; they were unable to spot any mental disability with the suspect.

But despite of these findings, some people claim that his vampirism may be a sign that he is partially insane.  He also was diagnosed with anthropoghagy which is a condition of having a pleasure in drinking blood.  At 12 year old he also discovered that he could reach maximum pleasure while strangling chickens.  Later on his life, he would develop into a serial killer that sexually assault women while strangling them.  He claims that strangling women are better than masturbation thus he earned the nickname “The Strangler of Women”.

The extent of the mutilation on the body of the victims were unparalleled, he would rip the body open and feed on their flesh.  He claimed that he disemboweled Johanna Motta and took parts of it.  He said that he found the texture of the intestines very nice.  Motta and Frigeni (victims) both suffered the same fate; they were tied down, strangled and disemboweled.   Their mouths were also filled with dirt.

Verzini was called the vampire of his time, as he sucked the blood of his victim on their thighs.  He confessed that those markings on their thighs are not a product of his nails but of his teeth.  He would suck the blood from a fresh wound and enjoy the sight of a dripping blood.  He was arrested after he decided to let go one of his victims which is his cousin named Maria Previtali.  Previtali went straight to the police after Verzini tried to kill her.

Verzini was not given a death a sentence since they did not reach a unanimous verdict.


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