Edmund Emil Kemper III

Edmund Emil Kemper III also known as the Co-ed Killer was sentenced to life imprisonment for being criminally liable to the death of 8 individuals (but his number of victims is believed to be greater).  He actually asked the jury to give him a death penalty, but since the death punishment is suspended during that time, he was therefore given a life sentence.  During the trial he also confessed about cannibalism and necrophilia.

The American serial killer whose spread his terror during the 1970s was born on December, 1948.  He first committed his crime when he was just a teenager, shooting both of his grandparents while staying at their ranch.  He would later murder and mutilate the bodies of 6 hitchhikers, his own mother and a friend before he surrender voluntarily to the authority.

Kemper is known to be very intelligent, possessing an IQ of 136, but also as a young age he already showed some signs of sociopathic behavior.  He killed a cat and buried it at their backyard.  After a few days he dug the corpse of the cat, decapitated its head and placed it on a stick which he carried.

He also performed some sexual rituals with her sister saying that he would have to kill her if he would love to kiss the teacher that she has a crush on.  His mother worsened the situation by constantly berating and humiliating Kemper.  She would tell him to sleep in the basement due to the fear that he might sexually assault his own sister.

He was 15 years old when he was staying at the ranch of his grandparents.  One day he just decided to shot his own grandmother to see what it feels like.  He then told the authority that he also killed his grandfather because he knew that he would get angry at him for killing his grandma.

He was then committed to a hospital where he befriended a doctor.  The doctor liked him due to his intelligence and he gained his trust.  Eventually the doctor decided to let him go.  He was able to show it to the doctors that he’s juvenile records are a thing of the past and they were convinced that he would no longer inflict harm on his fellow man…Or so they thought. 

During the period of May 1972- February 1973 Kemper committed his series of murders.  He would pick up female hitchhikers and took them to a secluded place where they would be repeatedly stabbed, shoot, strangled and dismembered.  He would then took their lifeless body on his apartment where he would sexually assault their corpses and eat some of their parts.

He would dump the body after or in some cases bury them.  But there was this case of a 15 year old girl whose head was decapitated which he decided to bury in the garden of his Mother as a form of a sick joke.  It is later revealed that he would usually commit murder after having a heated argument with his own Mother.

In 1973, he hacked his mother to death with a pickaxe while she was sleeping.   He decapitated her head and raped her after.  He then used her decapitated her as a dart board and placed her vocal cords in the garbage bin. But it seems that killing his mother does not satisfy him, he then went to a friend’s house and killed her.  But when he was on his way home, he was hearing no news about the crime that he committed.  Feeling disappointed, he contacted the local authority and confessed to the whole crime.


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