Pricolici is a vampire and a werewolf in Rome.  This creature has a similarity to varcolac, although varcolac seems to be more associated with goblins, unlike pricolici who has a strong characteristic of a werewolf.

Pricolici are undead creatures who rise up from their grave to torment the people just like the strigoi.  But compared to strigoi who usually maintains its human appearance, the pricolici takes the form of a ravenous wolf.  People who have lived a life of sin are likely to become a pricolici as a curse.

In other Romanian legends, the pricolici are werewolves when they are alive and when they die, they will transform into a vampire.  This is also believed to be where the idea of a vampire taking the form of other animals originated.  Pricolici as a vampire can take the form of a wolf, owl, cat or bats.  It seems like this creature only takes the image of those nocturnal species.

The belief on this creature is still alive up to this day.  There was an account in some areas on Romania claiming that they have been attack by a vicious and large wolf.  The attacks came unnoticed and only target certain types of people.  The targets who managed to survive on the said attack claimed that they were attacked by a Pricolici and not just the usual wolf.  They claimed that the creatures went back to the land of the living to continue their life of sin.

A corpse which is believed to be a Pricolici can only be determined upon the exhumation of his corpse.  Apparently the corpse should be facing down and there should also be some blood presence on their lips.  The blood of the corpse should be fed to those people who were believed to be attacked by the vampire to regain their health.  Like the Doppelsauger, an infant who thumb sucked would have a chance of being a pricolici if he dies.


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