Walton Cemetery

In 1990, a group of archaeologist stumbled upon 29 graves due to the mistake of an old map.  Apparently the cemetery is owned by the Walton Family.  At first the group discovered 2 skulls on the abandoned graveyard.  But upon further investigations, it turned out there was a total of 29 forgotten graves that was in the area.

The Walton family moved from Boston to Griswold, Connecticut during the 1690 in aim to start a farming business.  The cemetery is only a piece of a vast land; it measures at around 50-60 ft.  The place was believed to be active up to 1800’s until the family decided to move to Ohio.  The cemetery was continuously used by another family until they abandoned the place.

But the discovery also revealed a piece of a history of the place.  The children that were buried show some sign of chicken pox and small pox.  A little is known about this type of disease back then.  Another skeleton was believed to die due to tuberculosis.  His coffin has a marking of “JB-55”.  Experts believed that the term JB-55 would be the initials of his name and his age of death.  He was believed to be buried at around 1800-1840, but there are also signs that the remains were unearthed years after its death.

Accounts said that after the death of JB-55, several other members also contracted the disease which prompted them that they needed to excavate the grave of JB-55.  But compared to the other where there is no sign of decomposition or some flesh is still visible, JB-55 is fully decomposed.  Since the liver and the heart of JB are no longer present, they decided to just rearrange the bones of JB in the traditional method of repelling vampire manifestation.  Both the femurs of the skeleton were broken and placed in the abdomen in a “skull and crossbones” style.


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