Carl Jacquneaux

A gruesome attack involving a Louisiana Man named Carl Jacquneaux who allegedly bit a chunk of flesh on another man’s face.  The suspect is said to be high on bath salts. 43 year old, Jacquneaux attacked Todd Credeur, whom he had a long standing domestic rift in Lafayette Parish.  During the attack the police stated that the suspect was able to rip off the flesh on Credeur’s face. 

Credeur said that he was working at that time when Jacquneaux showed up and attacked him.  He was able to defend himself by spraying an insecticide into the man’s face.  Jacquneaux left the scene only to appear in another man’s home and steal a handgun.

A friend of the suspect told the reporter that Jacquneaux is known for using bath salts.  But that allegation was never proven since the authorities never conducted a test on him before he was taken to the jail.  Bath salts are legally sold in small stores that can cause paranoia and hallucinations.

The suspect was arrested and charged with burglary, violation of probation, battery and violation of protection order.  The bail for the said charges amounted at around $312,500.

On the other hand, Creduer was released from the hospital and is now recovering on his house.  


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