Hendrix Students Panicked From a Man Escaping From a Werewolf

The students of Hendrix College witness a man fleeing from a supposed werewolf that is chasing him.  Based on the report of the Conway Police the man forcibly opens the door of a student residing at Carrington Apartment located on Cleveland Avenue. It ran straight to the apartment and left by jumping out of the two-storey balcony.

The students immediately reported to the police about what they think are a case of burglary, but the subject is no longer to be found.  The department that is assigned for the welfare of the students warned them of a man allegedly running from a werewolf that was found in Galloway Hall.

When the police approached the subject, the man said that he was in Walmart that night when he noticed a bizarre red light. The man who was 27 years of age claimed that the red lights cause his body to smoke.  Fearing of what might happen next, the man ran to the alley where he was supposedly sleeping.

The man said that he was approached by a large hairy creature who told him to “get rid of the odor”.  The report stated:

"The only thing (the subject) could think of is that he needed to disguise his own odor. (The subject) went to Carrington Apartments and took off all his clothes, threw them in the dryer with someone else's clothes, and then poured a gallon of bleach in the dryer. (The subject) then put on some more clothes and decided to scare the "werewolf" off. (The subject) attempted to light the bleach and clothes on fire but was unsuccessful," 

The subject said that he kicked the door of the apartment because he was too scared when the creature threatened to kill him.  Finally the subject calm down when the officer said that one of them was the werewolf and will not hurt him because the handcuff that he was wearing was made out of silver.  The matter seemed to make sense to the subject and he was taken to the Unit 2.


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