In the Kikuyu tribe found in Kenya, there were stories about a shape shifting creature they called Ilimu.  Compared to other werewolf, it is not a curse that turns a human to a shape-shifting monster, rather it is a demon that possesses the body of the animals and transform into a human form.

But for an Ilimu to transform into a human, he has to acquire a body tissue of a man such as a hair strand, nails or even blood.  He would the extract it and would end up as a perfect replica of the person he wishes to copy.  After successfully taking the appearance of a man, he would then kill that person and took over his life.  It would then live a life of a human and socialize within the community.

Ilimu is known to be very clever, to a point that it can even trick a witch doctor or a shaman into thinking that he is indeed a human.  Aside from Kenya, it is also known in the legends of different African communities which include Uganda and Ghana.

In the year 1898, two lions were suspected of being an Ilimu, they were held responsible for the death of around 130 individuals that were constructing a bridge on the Tsavo River.  The villagers formed a hunting team and hunted the two lions.  This incident was adopted in the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness” which starred Hollywood A-lister Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas.

The lions were killed and were stuffed to place in a museum.  They now serve as a tourist attraction in Field Museum found in Chicago, USA.


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